Look Out to Your Neighbour, Look Up to Something Better

Posted on 31 August 2020

A friend made a comment this morning that resonated with me. “How is it that people’s minds are so fragile right now?”

How is it that people we have known to be friendly and kind have slipped into hatred?

How is it that people who were once willing to reach out a hand to those in need are now withholding help, and telling those who are suffering that they deserve it.

How is it that after being mistreated for being who they are, people turn around and mistreat others for who they are? “My pain, but not your pain”. The arrow of empathy is expected to go one direction.

How is it that so many people of such great diversity are all yearning to be like the awful selfish people on the top.

We are all scared and we are all being fed toxic stories and images through our media. We need to start looking out and looking up.

In peace and kindness,


1 Response to Look Out to Your Neighbour, Look Up to Something Better

  • Samuel SMith says:

    These are wise and kind words, thank you. I hope to live up to such a standard.

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