Core Values

Posted on 15 February 2021

I believe in the value of human life in all its diversity.
I believe in the value of our living world in all its diversity.
I understand we live in a world that includes violence, cruelty, and unfairness.
We also live in a world where peace and compassion have created change.
From my experience the means by which you achieve your goals are part of the goals themselves.
You cannot achieve peace through violence.
However, you cannot achieve peace by allowing violent people to get their way.
They will simply knock you down and damage more people and more of life.
Forgiveness is not release from responsibility.
Unity is not about meeting destructiveness half way.
We must be unified for something.
Let that be a unity founded on universal well-being:
everyone and every living thing has the opportunity to live secure lives.
We must look to a future where our lives are valued
not because we are special,
but simply because we are human and alive.

In peace and kindness,


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