Thoughts Going into 2021

Posted on 27 December 2020

I am seriously concerned going into 2021. I hope I am wrong.

We seem to be descending into greater and greater hostility. My sense is that people are rightfully feeling endangered. However, their solution is to hit at easy targets rather than coming together to create culture change.

For instance those who are suffering from the deep social inequalities our culture is creating, instead of collectively acting to remove power from those who are hoarding wealth, turn to those who are weak or weaker than they and bully them for “stealing” jobs. In this way nothing changes and we are all worse off.

I wrote the below after a mostly sleepless night.


There is no peace without justice.
There is no justice where there is vengeance.

Fear is understandable.
Hatred is not the tool by which you overcome fear and oppression.
Tit for tat means you are playing by the monster’s handbook and learning to be a monster yourself.
Ask yourself–if I do this, am I any better than my enemies?

Always self-examine, because none of us is perfect.

Be willing to give second-chances, but question third or fourth chances.
You do not create a better world by allowing people to walk all over you.

No person is without flaws, no community is without flaws. One of the most dangerous things we do to ourselves and others is not acknowledge this.
Question the values of your oppressors. Do not perpetuate a culture of oppression by internalising their values.
Question the values of your own culture. You do not get a free pass to oppress others because you are part of an oppressed community.
Most especially do not protect those of your own, who are abusing your members, simply because they are public figures or figures of authority. You can create new public figures and new leaders. The sting of shame will pass, but damage to your own if these individuals are not called to justice can last lifetimes.

You cannot forcibly change people, you can only be there for them when they are ready to change.
The best way to create change is to be a good example of what you want to see in the world.

We need to be worried about how hostile we have all become.
We need to be worried about how self-absorbed we have all become.
Right now the planet needs our cooperation and goodwill.
You personally do not have to show kindness toward those who are doing you genuine harm, but do not perpetuate hostility.
Then we have to find each other by practising friendliness and social care.

In peace and kindness,


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