Block the Trolls

Posted on 23 July 2019

I firmly believe that it is important we remain available to and show patience toward those with a genuine wish to grow. But that “genuine” is an absolute must.

We open the doors to those who are respectful, to those who will listen, to those who are clearly making an effort.

We show basic kindness and respect toward everyone, providing an example of the sort of world we wish to create.

It is important to not waste our best efforts on the people who will not listen, do not care, twist our words, and wish us harm.

So much needs to be done in the world. Why break your heart over the intransigent, when people and creatures and living beings much closer to you are in need of your help?

Wrecking yourself to save the world will not save the world.

Trust that by helping those ready to be helped, they will be available to someone a little behind them and help that person to grow and so on. This is the daisy-chain effect and it does work.

In the meantime you have every permission to block the trolls.

In peace and kindness,


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