Balanced Budgets?

Posted on 24 July 2019

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What government is genuinely seeking a balanced budget when they cut taxes from those who have much more than enough?

What sleight of hand is at work when upon giving money to the well-to-do, those in power wail that they have no choice but must cut government services to keep that budget balanced?

What sort of balance is this where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

This one-way stream of money from those in poverty to those of wealth, faciliated by the government, is a means of dissolving our democracy.

Those with money can buy politicians through campaign contributions. Those with money can even buy a position in government through their advertising dollars.

Keeping people poor means they no longer have the time to stay abreast of issues in order to vote effectively, nor can they have their voices heard through the corporate owned media.

Democracy only works when our lives are secure and we are all equal. There is no equality in a rich/poor divide.

We have to give up status-seeking. Each one of us should have the capacity to feel that we are enough. We have to give up dominance. There is greater security in cooperation. Being special should not be necessary to living a contented life. Once we give these things up and learn to share, it becomes much easier to remove the bullies from power. This is how we renew our democracy.

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