Our Living World Constitution: Introduction

Posted on 12 April 2019

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Our Living World Constitution addresses human, environmental, and economic rights, and the mechanics of politically achieving these rights.

We write this with the understanding that regardless of the borders humans have created to divide “us” from “them”. We are all one humanity, we are all part of the web of life that is our planet. Our fates are deeply interconnected and we cannot function as a species without acknowledging our relationships, no matter how distinct one person is from another or one species from another.

We seek to enshrine the values of humility, justice, respect, care, individual and collective responsibility, wisdom, cooperation, the freedoms necessary for living self-realised and politicallty engaged lives, security, and peace by living these values, teaching these values, and being governed by these values. It is good to have concrete means by which to achieve these ends. Which is why we seek to create a national constitution that gives structure to these values in our every day lives and optimises a balance of the utilities of justice, liberty, and security. At its heart our constitution must be:

  • Compassionate
  • Fair and
  • Effective.

If it is not effective, it will be neither compassionate nor fair. If compassion does not temper fairness and effectiveness, then it becomes difficult to maintain a humane equity. Central to this document, and the entirety of the Australian law, is striking a balance which best serves all our citizens, our environment, and the well-being of this world that we all share.

However, ultimately it is the spirit of these values which must take precedence. And each generation has the duty of care to evolve and teach previous and subsequent generations how better to achieve them. In this way they make these values their own. Healthy societies then moderate new ideas with the wisdom of experience, and each step is made secure for everyone of all ages. These are the dynamics which we must embrace, even though they may often be uncomfortable and challenging, until such time as we achieve an enlightened consensus and, finally, a peaceful thriving world.

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