That One Insight (to save the world)

Posted on 18 November 2017

American indian girls

We have been applying the wrong answer. We have been trying to create harmony within and among our nations by integrating people into a Western monoculture: a culture that is deeply flawed, a culture that has failed us, a culture that is destroying our living world.

We need to be seeking to integrate with those who have successfully lived in peace with our planet and one another, recognising the various ways in which it has been done. We need to stop insisting on being the teachers and open up to being taught.

Nobody has a corner on wisdom, and most especially not those within our dominating culture. Find the humility to accept help from small meaningful voices who know so much more than you are giving them credit. Someone sleeping in a city alley or travelling alone on a desert may have your answers. A small girl, a black elder, someone struggling with a walker may have that one insight that can save this world. Will you hear them?

Step back and give others a chance to transform this planet.

In love and peace,


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