Ego and Godhood

Posted on 17 November 2017

Solar flare
Imagine a voice, the voice of the universe, telling you:

“You are God, there are no others.”

Our egos can take this voice and we hear:

“You are the only God in this universe, no one and nothing else is God.”

But the intended message is:

“You are God, everyone you know is God, all things are God. There is no otherhood, we are one.”

The same quiet voice of the universe says:

“You are nothing.”

Our egos can hear:

“You are insignificant, your existence is worthless.”

But the intended message is:

“You are nothing and therefore can be anything. Let go of status. Choose what brings peace and joy into your life. You are not in fact burdened with destiny or even purpose, other than what you assign yourself.”

So long as we are frightened, we will want control. So long as we want control, we will want to see ourselves as all powerful while fearing we are powerless. That’s the crux of the matter.

From a journal entry in 2013

Peace and kindness,


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