Digging Holes

Posted on 02 November 2017


Some people dig holes for others to fall down.

Some people who haven’t fallen down a hole walk past the holes and just ignore them.

Some stand next to holes wringing their hands saying, “This is awful”.

Some from high atop distant mountains shout that something should be done about those holes.

Some people jump down holes because they believe they deserve no better.

Some believe that if a person has fallen into a hole, they deserve it for not watching out for holes.

Some believe certain people should be in holes.

Some believe that those in holes should remain in holes in order to protect the rest of us.

Some believe that hole digging and people falling into holes is an inevitable part of life and absolutely nothing can be done about it.

Some believe everyone should be in a hole.

Some pretend to offer a hand of help to those in holes. This brings them the praise of those who don’t dig holes. However when no one is looking…they withdraw their hand.

Some in the holes lose faith that anyone will offer them a hand.

Some lose faith that anyone even wants to hold out a hand.

Some within the holes curse all those outside and are surprised when no one offers to help.

Some within the hole refuse the help of those outside the hole, because they cannot believe anyone outside the hole can be any good.

Some shout angrily from within the hole, “I didn’t dig this hole! It’s others responsibility to fill it in.” And while this is true, in the meantime they remain in the hole and their children will remain in the hole.

Some inside holes will dig even deeper holes for others in their hole.

Some inside holes come to hate everyone inside and outside of a hole.

Some within flatter those outside, then when they are helped out, join those who are digging holes.

Some will actively try to drag others into their holes.

Some who have newly fallen down the hole are abused by those who are already there.

Some people crawl over the bodies of others to get out of these holes.

Some believe that the bad behaviour of some in a hole gives them a reasonable excuse to continue digging holes or not helping people out of holes.

Some within holes give up all hope.

Some within holes give each other a foot up.

Some who are calling out, “Hey, we need some help!” are smashed over the head with a shovel.

Some who are just making it out of their hole are smashed over the head with a shovel.

Some who are helping remove people from their holes are either kicked down the hole or smashed over the head with a shovel.

Some communicate the need to get people out of holes, because they believe it’s important to get people out of holes.

Some communicate the need to get people out of holes, because they want to be well thought of.

Those who are in holes are not given many opportunities to let others know what it’s like to be in a hole.

Those in holes who speak out are often not heard by those outside holes.

Some in holes feel they should be the only ones who speak about their condition.

Some believe that not digging holes is enough.

Some believe giving money to someone else to sort out the hole problem is enough.

Some believe that praising those who aren’t digging holes is enough.

Some believe that pulling one or two people out of their holes is enough.

Some believe they can just leave the hole digging problem with their government and that will be enough.

Some believe that taking a shovel to the head of those digging holes is enough.

Some try to stop another from digging a hole once, and when that doesn’t stop all hole digging, give up.

Some seek a great savior to follow before bothering to help those in holes.

Some seek to be a great savior and demand people’s attention for their efforts pulling people out of holes. When they attain greatness, they use it to satisfy their own needs and damage the cause.

Some seek to be a great savior and demand people’s attention for their efforts pulling people out of holes. When they do not attain greatness, they join the other hole diggers and say that it is others fault they have been reduced to hole digging.

When some people are critical of the hole diggers, the hole diggers complain of how their backs hurt and their hands are calloused…won’t someone be sorry for their pain?

Some work so hard to pull people out of holes that they are used up and become sick in body and mind.

Some do what they can to help those in holes, when they can and without notice, their entire lives.

Eventually so many holes have been dug that it is easy for almost anyone to stumble into one.

The answer to these people’s problems is not easy. Together they must: stop hole digging, pull/push people out of holes, fill in the holes, learn how to respect one another, and stop wanting to dig holes.

How will you respond to the holes?

In peace and kindness,


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