Wake Up, Humanity!

Posted on 20 September 2017

Golden Sun

I had a short sharp first marriage. The man to whom I was married told me after our wedding that he believed in making anyone who hurt him hurt twice as much, so that the person would never mess with him again. At which point I knew I had made a mistake.

The question that came to my mind was how did he determine how hurt he felt and how did he calculate “twice as much”? He could feel endlessly hurt. His desire for punishment could be a bottomless pit.

In the same manner how do we determine who owes whom and how much? When a wealthy person lends money to a poor person whose work has produced the food, clothing, housing that the wealthy person has, is it right that such a person gets to determine what burden the poor person must bear to simply have a roof over their heads? And when the poor person finds, through no fault of their own, they cannot repay that debt then how moral is it to threaten them with violence, destitution, and/or imprisonment?

Both of these behaviours, that of my ex and of wealthy people, come from individuals who are fearful of suffering and desperate for control. Humanity has achieved what it has out of cooperation and pro-social behaviour, but all too often those achievements are turned in on themselves to destroy the very things that made them possible.

As we become more frightened we start threatening and controlling one another, then wonder why we get caught in a cycle of being threatened and controlled. At some point we have to stop and just choose to offer kindness. The sort of evil we are perpetrating on one another is so deep and so obliterating of our humanity. At some point we have to wake up and actively work for better.

Peace and kindness,

(originally published 2017 May 29)

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