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Posted on 19 September 2017

It’s not enough to shake your fist in outrage at the obvious villains of our times. It’s not enough to join a march and feel like you have acquited your duties as a good person. Worse is thinking duties have been acquited with a single monetary donation to this or that cause.

We must actively do what we can to make a better world. Join and change parties from within. Put forward petitions for better systems of voting, then vote. Spend time with the people who are being mistreated. Make them a part of your world. Afford them all the help you can. Get your hands dirty. Do all you can to create an equitable world.

Learn how to shake off the glamours of just going along with what your culture or your circle of friends are doing, when clearly it is harmful. Learn how to find sufficient inner peace, so that you have the strength to overcome your fears and stand up for what is right.

Never ever think that standing up against evil just once is enough. If you mean it, you will have to stand up again and again. You will probably know failure again and again, but you do it anyway. Only the privileged can throw their hands up saying, “It’s all too hard and it will never work. I’ve done my bit and nothing is going to change.” Those people are cowards whitewashing themselves and painting the world with darkness.

Spend time raising your awareness of the nature of life around you. Spend time in self-examination. Learn to be a deep well of compassion prepared at all times to give of yourself. And when you mess up, and we will all mess up, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and choose to do better in the future.

Peace and kindness,


(originally published 2017 May 23)

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