Peace Like A River

Posted on 21 September 2017

Ansel Adams The Tetons and Snake River

Peace is not the absence of war.

Peace is not an acquiesence that keeps waters still, in order to not rock the boat.

Peace is not reserved for those who meditate long hours. Though, we can all use moments of stillness in order to find ourselves, steady ourselves, and renew our focus on those things that will make for a peaceful world.

Peace is when we live within a certain range of security whereby we have all we need to eat, clothe ourselves, shelter ourselves, and provide for our health needs.

Peace is when our security is in danger, we are confident of the goodwill of our neighbors and our nation to ensure our wellbeing is attended to.

Peace is living in a society whereby difference is tolerated, and discrimination and bullying is not. In fact diversity is embraced as a sign of a healthy, vibrant culture.

Peace is feeling confident that those in positions of power take their responsibilities seriously and act for the wellbeing of their charges.

Peace is living in a society where power is shared. And though any one person may have only partial control over the shape of their country, they take that portion and use it wisely in combination with others to ensure together we are building a peaceful nation and a peaceful world.

Peace is knowing that the value of fairness is resolutely applied whenever and wherever it is needed: everyone has their needs met, everyone has access to justice, everyone’s voice is given consideration, everyone is treated as equally human.

Peace is always working toward wise and compassionate solutions to conflict, whether it is at the individual level, the civil level or the international.

Peace is providing for the world that is providing for us, thereby living in security that our children and our children’s children will be able to enjoy the goodness of our living world.

Peace is fully embracing the values of kindness, compassion, care, service, and cooperation. Peace is ensuring our children are taught these values and their children. We are always caring for those who will care for us.

Peace requires bold and peaceful action. Those who think of peace as solely personal security may use violence in order to block universal peace. Those of us with a larger more encompassing vision must hang on, because the reward will be great: a world where we can all find real contentment.

In the meantime peaceworkers may find themselves feeling anger, frustration, and fear. Sometimes we will be bashed, even killed. No this will not be easy. Yet we will keep responding to that tiny light within that says “love”, purge ourselves of hatred and continue to build peace with peace.

Happy International Day of Peace!


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