It’s Okay!

Posted on 18 September 2017

Reflecting lake

It’s okay to not be the biggest or the smallest.

It’s okay not to be the strongest, fastest, or the most aggressive.

It’s okay not to be the most attractive or charismatic.

It’s okay not to be the wealthiest or the most powerful.

It’s okay not to be any of these things: but are you kind?

It’s okay not to be the same: but are you accepting?

It’s okay not to be different: but are you at peace with just being yourself?

And when you take the weight of needing to be exceptional from your chest, do you feel your heart beating once more?

And when you find you can ignore the headlines:
“10 ways to become successful”
“12 ways to attract a partner”
“100 ways to change who you are”…
Do you feel how the crushed essence of your soul revives?

Shut down the inner dialogue of status.
Tear down the outer prisons of status.
Just love yourself and all living being.
It’s okay!

In peace,


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