Perhaps the Time Is NOW!

Posted on 20 December 2016

In Western democracy we are rightfully proud that we are able to execute peaceful power changes via public election. This is far preferable to endless scheming and wars to determine who will run a country. We hand power over to each successive government with the faith that we have sufficient checks and balances in place that no one government will ever be able to act too far outside of the well-being of its people. What happens when this is no longer true?

What happens when it is completely clear that a government is being handed over to a madman and his scheming buddies? What happens when it is clear that the checks and balances will not be functioning as they should and that the well-being of the people is in danger?

These are hard questions because people who are individually unhappy may claim these are the circumstances well before any real concern needs to be registered. However, do we let our fear that we may appear to be yet another crank keep us from taking action against an overtly real threat?

Under Nuremberg Principle IV we cannot claim Superior Orders (“I was just following my superior’s orders”) when executing instructions that are crimes against International Law. Each person is individually responsible for their actions and must conscientiously object to cruel and inhuman treatment of other human beings.

How many people right now should be conscientiously objecting to such things as giving Donald Trump access to the Gold Codes for the launch of nuclear weapons? How many other actions should we already be conscientiously objecting to?

Peace and kindness,


German conscientious objectors.

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