We Are All Human, It Is Your Problem

Posted on 16 June 2016

It’s because of the… I am (a/an)…so it’s not my problem.
religious atheist
atheists Christian
the lazy poor hard working middle/upper class person
ethnics normal (white)
feminists normal (male)
sexual deviants straight
illiterate/ignorant well-educated
journalists/academics/whistleblowers good citizen
artists in business/technology
unexceptional exceptional

Please note that these dichotomies are formed as much out of ego as right/left wing ideologies. The main point being that whenever people exempt themselves from disastrous behaviour, the problem never resolves itself.

I have seen people in groups decide they are categorically “the good guys”. What then happens is eventually one of their group calamitously misbehaves and the group goes into denial. Some members may seek to punish those who have exposed them, because such things should not be said about “the good guys”. Others may do what they can to cover things up, because we can’t have people thinking we aren’t “the good guys”. Finally, everything spirals out of control.

We have to recognise our shared humanity. Problems cannot be resolved by cutting off whole segments of humanity and denying them their personhood, and their physical, mental, and emotional security. Humility, kindness, and sufficient emotional maturity to take responsibility are called for.

Peace and kindness,


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