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Posted on 09 April 2016

Of late I hear young people talking about not being very good at “adulting”. Some of this is because what our culture has come to believe is “adult” is a deeply distorted image that serves our society and has to do with power. And what our culture often worships as powerful is usually pathological.

So, I found myself this morning writing something of a Desiderata about growing up. I hope people find it meaningful and of use.

As you grow up and grow old:

* Don’t lose your capacity for joy—especially the joy that comes from simple things.

* Don’t lose your capacity for wonder, curiosity, and acceptance.

* Keep your ability to try and try and try new things until you have cracked their secrets.

* Let your self-consciousness lead you to being a kinder person, rather than leaving you terrified of engaging with others and the world.

* Keep your faith in the general goodness of the world without letting individual instances of meanness close you from genuine offers of love.

* Love freely and deeply, because what is gained will always be greater than what is lost upon occasion…if you let yourself learn.

Too many things are seen as belonging to childhood when in reality they are gifts we are to nurture, develop, and cherish, because they make of us better human beings and help us to enjoy life.

Peace and kindness,


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