What Are You Doing?

Posted on 19 September 2015

Cynicism leads to
Apathy leads to
Self-fulfillng prophecies.

If you do nothing,
nothing happens
Or worse.

Cynicism feels
If you are cynical you don’t have to
work hard,
risk opposition,
risk failure,
show courage.

It has been said:
If you aren’t part of the solution,
You are part of the problem.

Cynicism is a form of conservatism,
Just as surely as if
You are a paid member of
Any right-wing political party.
Your mouth says left,
But your actions are supporting right.

I have a great grandmother
Who was a suffragette.
Many suffragists died
Before women achieved the vote.
I now have the vote.

Many civil rights activists
Have lived
To see an African American president.

If one person
Plants one tree,
They may feel
Alone, pathetic, disspirited.

If you join with others
Who plant one tree each,
A whole forest goes up quickly
And you sense you can change the world.

Cynics cloak themselves in
The illusion of realism.
Cynics say: “Nothing can be changed.”
Those who have moved the world say:
“Many things can change,
When people have the will to create change.”

What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Peace and kindness,


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