No More Isolation

Posted on 24 September 2015

What we want are functional interdependent communities where we feel safe, secure, and accepted. We want to find the sweet spot between self-determining and cooperative, so that we can mutually let go of all the fear and judgement we bear toward one another. We need to collectively hold this vision, so that together we work toward creating it.

We have people congratulating themselves for being self-made, rugged individuals. Such toxic self-portrayals are a myth and a false idol. These people imagine themselves as Rambos, but these Rambos rely on civilisation for the skills and technology they need to dominate their surroundings. Few if any of these sorts could achieve Bear Grylls style survival, and few if any would want to. They simply want to flatter themselves.

The problem is we have given these people power out of our own fear and vanity. Too many seek to imitate the spurious Rambos in order to achieve power for themselves. If enough people out of a sense of disempowerment start imitating these destructive fools, our culture will crumble and none of us will survive.

We have to start finding one another again. We have to learn how to look out for one another, understand one another, and care about each other’s well-being. We need to find the courage to face emotional vulnerability and learn how to ride the waves of longterm meaningful relationships, not just with partners, but with communities and the world.

This doesn’t have to be a drear and painful endeavour. We can begin by dancing together, singing together, playing board games together, sharing meals together, and thereby learning the landscape of each individual’s personality and how it intersects with our own.

Peace and kindness,


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