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Posted on 03 July 2015

It is better to simply love, than frantically search for true love.

Better to allow life to unfold, than cling to rituals for controlling outcomes.

Better to visualise peace and sufficiency for all, than imagine Versace handbags and Ferraris for yourself.

Better to take action for a better world, than sit at home waiting for the world to come to you on a platter.

Better to join others and create change with your own heart, mind, and hands, than wait for a chosen one.

Better to share responsibility and power, than make of yourself a chosen one.

Better to show compassion, than dismiss those who are suffering as somehow deserving of their hardship.

Better to create meaning out of your life, than accept an imposed meaning.

Better to live in a complex world where compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness exist, than a simple black and white world with no mercy.

Better to live in a world of kindness and wisdom, than a reductive world of statistics.

Better to see whole human beings, than conveniently definable and useable meat robots.

Better to have the humility to acknowledge truth, than lose one’s self in stubborn religious, political, or scientific righteousness.

Better to care and to act, than to hide inside what is familiar especially when it is unjust.

Better to make friends, than to find fault with everyone and therefore refuse to care or cooperate.

Peace and kindness,


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