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Posted on 19 March 2015

I am tired of sophomoric humour, transgressive humour, the humour of cynicism, pessimism, and hatred. I turn to humour as a place where I can find joy, relief, upliftment, and reflection upon the state of ourselves and the world.

I am tired of blanket judgements, demonisation, and dehumanisation. I am tired of people taking sides, then tearing the other side to shreds with their “humour”. I want to see a world where more kindness, compassion, and friendship is possible.

I want to see more mercy and forgiveness in the world, as well as more genuine social justice. I want more gentleness, grace, and acceptance of our humanity with all its faults and foibles. Tolerance and acceptance are both important skills. Help others to learn rather than alienating them, then have the patience to keep on doing this.

I want to see insightful humour, humour that brings about a more caring community. Not a piece of trivial clowning that is deeply dangerous to audience members both physically and emotionally for those with sexual triggers.

I want comedy to grow up. Because it is possible. Comedy is deeply important to our well-being…when it is done right.

Peace and kindness,


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