Artists Need To Eat

Posted on 15 December 2014

Art is not an optional extra when it comes to individual well-being and the well-being of a society. As such artists must have some way to make a living. As creative people they will experiment with how this is done. As people who are sensitive and deeply care, they may feel it is important to be transparent about their experiments, so other artists don’t have to recreate the wheel. This is legitimate and important.

Perhaps the stickiest problem when comparing art and business is that the definition of “success” becomes muddied when you opt for a career in music. On the one hand, you’re told you haven’t “made it” until you’re a megastar – making a living at your art isn’t enough – and, on the other hand, musicians aren’t supposed to be concerned with profits if they’re “real” artists – Didn’t you get into this job just for the love of it?

Art is a BusinessAmanda Palmer
The Guardian

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