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Posted on 12 May 2014

I’m currently finalising sign-ups for an arts festival. I know a few people who have talked up a good game about participating, but when push comes to shove, are unlikely to do it.

I know of one fellow who asked to help on one of my shows as crew. He said he wanted to learn, so he could eventually do his own show. When I invited him on board, he disappeared. He was terrified he would mess things up, and he wasn’t even going to be on stage.

So many like to think that if they were given a chance, they would be a public superstar of some sort. You become a “superstar” by being willing stand up to the task.

A few things I have learned:

  • If I wait for things to be just right before I do something, I may never do it.
  • If I wait until I’m not scared to do something, I may never do it.
  • If I wait until all my friends approve, I may never do things.
  • If I wait until my parents approve, I definitely will never do things.
  • If I wait until I’m certain I won’t fail, I will never do things.
  • If I wait for other people to do things for me, I will never do things.
  • If I blame other people for my not doing things, I will not do them.
  • If I think I am a failure, I might do a thing, but I am much more likely to sabotage it to prove that I am a failure.

The only way to do a thing is to just do it, and be open to whatever happens. As an artist, you have absolutely no wasted experience. You learn, you gain insight into life and humanity, and you have material to make your next artistic creation. In the arts there really is no such thing as failure. You might be disappointed in an outcome, but it can always be a step toward becoming a better artist.

Peace and kindness,


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