I’m not a model (I’m a comedian)

Posted on 17 May 2014

Sarah Millican talks about her experience attending the BAFTAs. Her dress received more (negative) comment than the quality of her comedy, for which she was attending.

I’m sorry. I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job. Putting clothes on is such a small part of my day. They may as well have been criticising me for brushing my teeth differently to them.
Sarah Millican: Twitter was a pin to my excitable Bafta balloon

Read the whole article. It’s worth thinking about. We need to insist that all people are judged by the quality of their character and/or the quality of their work: not by their gender, not by their colour, not by their sexual preferences, not by the money in their bank account, not by the country into which they were born, not by anything that is beyond their control.

Peace and kindness,


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