2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival:
• CJ Delling—Reality Bandit

Posted on 10 April 2014

If Jerry Seinfeld were a young German woman with glasses, he would be CJ Delling. She has a similar uncomplicated, good-natured, and laid back style.

Comedy gold is found when a performer is both personable and intelligent. You don’t sit there thinking, isn’t Delling clever. Instead you are eager to enjoy the laughs from a fully formed and detailed comic world, made possible by a playful mind.

Reality Bandit is about how we all manipulate our realities and how others manipulate our realities as well. From the way we disguise the existence of farts to people making themselves ill because they dislike wind-powered electrical generators.

Reality manipulation gets particularly fraught when it comes to our love lives. Delling gets big laughs from that amorous awkwardness that causes us to think things such as, if I just had the right exercise shoes then he would notice me.

CJ Delling is such a bright, giggle-worthy spark. Reality Bandit is a great way to start an evening out.

Tickets: www.comedyfestival.com.au/2014/season/shows/reality-bandit-cj-delling


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