2013 Melbourne Fringe—Neil Sinclair in Charmingly Useless

Posted on 02 October 2013

Jovial is the word for both Neil Sinclair and his show. Charmingly Useless is like attending a Christmas barbeque with uncle Neil cracking everyone up until their nostrils hurt from all the drink they’ve snorted through their noses.

Sincliar is a traditional humourist with jokes, gags, puns, and a generous sprinkling of one-liners. He delivers these in a relaxed manner and a beaming grin. I loved his absurd logic, especially his story about the direction technology must be taking with miniaturisation. Moments of nerd humour just make his show that much more endearing.

I would like to applaud Sinclair for his handling of hecklers the night I attended. In the US venues enforce a no heckling policy. This is understandable: people have purchased tickets to enjoy the performance of a skilled comedian, not the half-baked interjections of a punter who thinks they are clever.

Sinclair was patient, kind, and didn’t let it take down his energy. The heckles weren’t terribly rough, but it did put people off at first. Sinclair had to work to regain the light mood with which people entered the room, but he did this with aplomb. My hat’s off to you, Neil.

Sinclair is a charmer, I wouldn’t call him useless in the least. His show is adorable and utterly grin inducing.

Melbourne Fringe website: Charmingly Useless

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