2013 Melbourne Fringe—Claire Hooper’s Fables

Posted on 01 October 2013

Claire Hooper’s goofy sense of humour is always a delight. Her shows are like being invited to an adults only bouncy castle where the big kids are given a chance to jump and play.

Fables starts with the Aesop story of the tortoise and the hare and music from Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals, just so we know where the night is headed. Hooper gives the story a peculiar and contemporary twist, then we’re off. All subsequent stories, and their morals, are Hooper inventions.

We are introduced to a whole barnyard of animals: chickens, foxes, even lions and elephants. Who knew these creatures met at pubs and had office romances? Who knew they struggled with secret kinks?

Hooper is without a doubt a consummate storyteller. She brings a dazzling variety to her creations, even when the lessons are largely: “Don’t be a dick.” What I find particularly intriguing about her work is with what exquisite detail and skill she puts into the portrayal of each animal. Somewhere between mime and ballet, I rarely see such warmth, expressiveness, and precision in physical acting.

Claire Hooper’s Fables is an exceptional piece of comedy. I would highly recommend everyone, but most especially comedians, go see her show and learn.

Melbourne Fringe website: Claire Hooper’s Fables

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