Poor Judgement

Posted on 23 September 2013

Vince Sicari

New Jersey municipal judge Vince Sicari has been forced to step down from his position because his work as a stand-up comedian “puts the legal profession into disrepute”.

“A state ethics board recommended in 2008 that Sicari quit his comedy work, expressing concern over his character depictions on the ABC reality show and the potential content of his sketches.”

Last I looked, you couldn’t put people into jail for potentially breaking the law. And who decided stand-up comedy is disreputable? Forcing Sicari out when, as his lawyer states, “Sicari refrained from jokes about the legal profession and never divulged his judicial job”, seems to breach his right to freedom of speech.

For more details check out this article at Huffington Post:
Vince Sicari Resigns New Jersey Judge Job To Continue Career In Stand-Up Comedy

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