2013 Melbourne Fringe—The Beyond with Leslie Squid

Posted on 25 September 2013

The character of Leslie Squid is the delightful creation of Lucy Schmidt. Leslie Squid is a psychic with a big heart, a big voice, and many a delightful anecdote to tell.

The evening begins with a few magic tricks and some back story for Madam Squid. Schmidt has chosen to portray her as something of a backyard spiritualist who has done well, a la Dame Edna Everage.

The show really kicks off when we are treated to one spirit character portrayal after another, complete with well rehearsed accents, physical quirks, and on several occasions a creditably executed song. The stories associated with these characters are well-realised with a lovely sense of cheeky humour.

Psychics and standup comedians can be of particular interest to people because often people enjoy being singled out for special attention. Someone important has noticed them and noticed them in front of an audience. It’s a sort of play that comedians and psychics alike need to use respectfully. Schmidt does a nice job of working the room. I appreciated how sparingly she used cold reading techniques, even in jest, and stuck to her stories.

The Beyond is a nice piece of comic acting and a solid piece of storytelling. Schmidt is a warm fluid performer and I look forward to see her realise more characters in the future! I commend both she and her director Stayci Taylor.

Melbourne Fringe website: The Beyond with Leslie Squid

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