2013 Melbourne Fringe—Luke McGregor: My Soul Mate Is Out of My League

Posted on 26 September 2013

I am a fan of fans. I may not always share their passion for vampire flicks (Goths), mechanical tails (Furries), or giant robots popping out of the bump on some kid’s head (FLCL maniacs), but I like them. I like the fact that they don’t fear their own passions and do not indulge in dissembling in order to fit in. I like the fact that I don’t have to dig through layers of masking to discover what they really think or feel.

Luke McGregor has all the hallmark characteristics of a fan. His quirky ingenuous delivery is a delight. His timid squeaky laughs speak of a vulnerability that is nevertheless being exposed for the sheer enjoyment of both performer and audience.

McGregor’s story about finding poop on the floor in his parents’s real estate office illustrates the absurdity of family politics, but mostly is one of the finest examples of everyday humour I’ve heard in awhile. All of his material shared that sort of everyday honesty, where we see an event for the first time in all its comic mundane glory.

New comedians I want you to take note how well McGregor is succeeding playing a nice guy. He doesn’t swear, his jokes aren’t cutting, and there’s no swagger. Yet, he has been launched into TV and has toured to the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and performed in London’s Soho Theatre.

Music has Nerdcore and now comedy has Luke McGregor. He is not a caricature like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang, but a deeply feeling humorist who likes to share his passion for laughter. You might want to see his show and share in the fun.

Melbourne Fringe website: Luke McGregor: My Soul Mate Is Out of My League

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