2013 Fringe Picks

Posted on 17 September 2013

Fringe is upon us and people want to know WHICH! Which shows will engage, which shows will amaze, which shows will be FUNNY! I’m always in danger of pushing myself out of a seat when I make these recommendations, but someone has to let the punters know what is uber-awesomesauce.

This year we of course have a number of tried and true comics that people are familiar with through TV. Comedians such as Tony Martin, Dave Callan, Barry Morgan, Sammy J, and Claire Hooper will be tickling our funny bones. I’m especially excited to see Hooper’s Fables. I even bought tickets as a present for my husband’s birthday. Claire will be performing as a variety of animals, each with their own slightly warped story.

My own comedy I of course recommend – Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor! We have some top-flight professionals in the show.

Here are the hidden gems:

Death Rides A Horse

This played at the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and received nothing but great reviews. Rama Nicholas puts on an astounding one woman musical theatre show. Tender, funny, magical, this story about a cowgirl finding love will knock your socks off.

Die Roten Punkte’s Circus Discotheque

Europunk stars Astrid and Otto Rot are beautifully well developed caricatures. Between their clowning and over-the-top attitude they provide a surefire night of fun and laughter. And this event is…FREE!

Mile High Club

Lauren Bok is hosting a night of comedy and cabaret. Variety shows are always an excellent place to get a taste of who the up and coming entertainers are. I would say that Bok herself is a superb comedian, reminiscent of Lucille Ball in style and delivery. I would very much like to see her in an ABC comedy in the near future.

Lou Sanz Speaks Easy

Sanz is an exceptional comedian and a wonderful human being. She has won performance awards and works with immigrant women. Her Fringe show is drawn from an autobiography she’s attempting to write. The imagery she uses in her storytelling is rich and evocative without getting purple. And every tale delivers a solid punchline.

Hairy Soul Man

I loved Kai Smythe when he played In Search of Atlantis a couple years ago. Hairy Soul Man is to be an exploration of the sexual nature of soul music. I don’t know much more, but it looks cool and I can’t wait to see it.

Safety First

Safety First is a quirky lecture on how perhaps Occupational Health and Safety doesn’t work. Dylan Cole plays safety expert Tim Lock. Cole has a charmingly light touch and his off-centre humour is set to please. Cole is from the equally delightful Wizard Sandwiches whose show The Last Lunch should also be seen.

Charmingly Useless

Sometimes when I have auditions for my own shows, I receive an embarrassment of riches. Neil Sinclair auditioned to play The Doctor in Pop Mashup. I haven’t seen him on stage yet, but I am excited to do so. The man oozes goofy delight. I so want to put him in one of my productions soon.

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