Humble Comedy Bundle

Posted on 29 August 2013

I’m a great fan of the “Humble Bundles”. These started out as collections of independent computer games that were being sold to support charities such as Electronic Frontier Foundation (protection of online rights) or Child’s Play Charity (computer games for children in hospitals), and the independent game developers.

Soon we had a Humble Bundle for ebooks. AND NOW! We have a Humble Comedy Bundle which will also generate support for charity.

Included on this bundle are comedy by people such as Louis CK, Maria Bamford, and Tig Notaro! You pay whatever you want to unlock this comedy. You can also determine how much of your payment goes to charity, the artists, and/or a tip to the Humble Bundle organisers. This is DRM free and you can stream all the videos.

You have less that two weeks to take advantage of this offer. So, hop to it and get some comedy!

Humble Comedy Bundle

Peace and kindness,


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