Katherine’s Funniest YouTube Pick: Olga Kay

Posted on 27 May 2013

I stumbled across Olga Kay in relationship to her cow exercise tips back in 2010. She’s a delightfully crazy Russian woman who immigrated to the US and is now a professional juggler and YouTube Vlogger.

Olga’s spots are not so much sketch or standard monologue, though she does bits of both. These are mostly straight communications with her fans which include a lot of weirdness. She has developed an eccentric and engaging persona. Her comic delivery is priceless. Much of what she does is accessible to anyone with a camera, PROVIDED you have an equally large imagination.

Her followers are known as “Mooshers”, so called because her one cat is named Mushka and she ends every clip by saying, “MOOOOOSH!” She encourages people to comment, she takes their suggestions, and she sends out prizes. Olga is exceptional not only in attracting viewers, but in maintaining those viewers.

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