Google+: Greener Pastures

Posted on 20 May 2013

Many people have been promoting the use of social media as a way to gain access to more customers and larger audiences. Networking is the name of the game and you had better get onto Facebook, if you wish to be anyone. The problem with most “how to succeed” advice, particularly for online, is that by the time you hear about it, the moment has passed.

Well, we are getting close to a passed moment on Google+. Nevertheless, if you get on now, you may still have access to some opportunities.

Google+ is a social media site much like Facebook. I find it easier to navigate and there are no ads (yet) cluttering up the page. The emphasis is also more on lengthy discussion rather than personal snippets. I have heard people dis Google+ for being “empty”. After all, their friends are all on Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and the like.

What you are missing is that by being early days, you get much closer access to significant people. I’ve been able to leave a message with the Dalai Lama and get a response. I regularly chat with Robert Llewellyn, the man who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf. Once upon a time you could chat with Wil Wheaton, but he is now awash with Google+ fans. I have also been able to get interviews with New York and LA comedy agents.

Below is one of a couple interviews I was asked to participate in simply because people became familiar with me on that service (what happened to my hair that day?!).

Hop onboard, let me know you have arrived, and start poking around the various discussion circles and hangouts. You never know what might happen.

Peace and kindness,


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