2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:
• Rama Nicholas—Death Rides a Horse

Posted on 14 April 2013

This is a superb show. Rama Nicholas is a deeply talented young woman and Death Rides a Horse is glorious comedic storytelling.

The tale Nicholas weaves lays somewhere between a spaghetti western and Princess Bride…with the requisite Inigo Montoya. A desperate cowgirl fleeing the law joins a vengeful Spaniard on a quest to kill Death itself.

Nicholas skillfully plays all roles: cowgirl, Spaniard, a whole brothel full of women, and the evil bandito. Her mime work is meticulously lucid: people easily visualising such activities as the catching and cooking of a rattlesnake. She includes plenty of humorous quips and situations. Her singing is infused with soulful warmth.

For such a young performer, this is a genuine tour de force.

Something this good deserves an audience. Sadly if a show isn’t in the Melbourne Town Hall district, it tends to struggle. Nicholas and Death Rides a Horse is equally as good as anything by Claudia O’Doherty, Siberian Husky, or even Michael Workman—all comedians who have performed at the Town Hall itself. I would strongly encourage people to make the effort to explore the Revolt venue in Kensington.

Revolt is hosting a number of talented comedy performers. People have been convinced by the space, because it really is wonder-full. Eccentric Gothic décor and even the figure of a Fiery from the Henson movie Laybrinth give the space a magical quality. I could easily imagine masked balls taking place there.

Rama Nicholas has an international reputation as a superb actor and improviser. Find out what the rest of world finds so intriguing about this talent, you won’t regret it.


Rama Nicholas

Peace and kindness,


1 Response to 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:
• Rama Nicholas—Death Rides a Horse

  • Eva says:

    I absolutely LOVED this little show.
    All the characters in the story are quite adorable, even the nasty bandito!

    I fell in love with Caterina and her trusty steed and could not stop tapping my toes and smiling from ear to ear. I went home singing the words to All whores Have Dreams.
    This show is clever, funny, sad, polished, tight and really, really funny.

    Such as shame there were so few people in the audience to see it.

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