2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:
• Josie Long—Romance and Adventure

Posted on 12 April 2013

Josie Long is one of Britain’s most lighthearted lefties. She’s left because she likes people…all of them. Which can be a conundrum when trying to demonstrate allegiance to certain ideological principles.

Long is a delightful performer full of joy and energy. She’s a modern girl who manages to maintain her ingenuousness. Her stories about interacting with the various “classes” of English society are engaging. We are treated to a glimpse into her champagne and ski adventure as well as her gigs for underprivileged thirteen year olds.

I find with shows that rely on anecdotal humour, sometimes one anecdote calls out to be more fully developed. Long’s story about climbing an African mountain for charity chimed loudly and clearly as an adventure that needed a show of its own. How did she get involved with this climb? Who were the other celebrity climbers? What were they like? Which charity was running this? How did the climb roll out?

We hear a few titillating tidbits about this event, but not enough to fully answer the questions that came to mind. This story would have more than justified her title: Romance and Adventure.

Long’s choice to begin chatting as people filed in and continuing to chat as they filed out was an interesting one. I noticed some people were concerned that they were missing out by not being first in or last out. I suppose this is a testament to Long’s appeal: people don’t want to miss a word.

Romance and Adventure is a fun show. Long’s bubbly personality brings the ordinary to life. It’s a great gift being able to help people laugh at the everyday. Josie Long is a talented young woman with a lovely big heart.


Josie Long

Peace and kindness,


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