Comedy Genre Series

Posted on 24 January 2013

I thought with the new year I would start a series of articles. This series will deal with comedy genres: from the sublimity of surreal humour to the ridiculousness of slapstick.

I will be looking closely at the elements that make up these genres and those comedians and productions that epitomise them. The genre categories I have put together definitely overlap. But for discussion purposes, it’s handy grouping things one way or another. Below is my initial list. Let me know if I have missed anything.

Musical comedy   Satire
Burlesque   Comedy of manners
Cabaret   Topical comedy
Novelty songs   Mockumentary
Observational comedy   Narrative comedy
Character comedy   Romcom
Sketch comedy   Adventure comedy
Improvisational comedy   Dramedy
  Comedy of errors
Physical comedy   Comedy of ideas
Improvisational comedy   Word play
Prop comedy   Surreal comedy
Slapstick/clowning   Alternative comedy
Transgressive comedy  
Black/dark comedy  
Cringe comedy  
Insult/blue comedy  

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