Acting Technique for Comedians with Rob Lloyd

Posted on 15 October 2012

Being able to tell good jokes well is of course the core of being a fine standup comedian. Also key is being able to project your voice, present a clear persona, and have an arresting stage presence. If you are attracted to sketch comedy or improvisation, you will want to know how to embody emotion, become a character, and bring a scene to life. These are all acting skills.

Not all of us want to get a full acting degree. Many of us want training focused on comic delivery alone. However, we all need some help in caring for our voices, so they can handle a four week, six nights a week, run at a festival managed venue in the Melbourne Comedy Festival. This is why I organised the Acting Technique for Comedians Workshop.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I was able to rope in the amazing Rob Lloyd to teach this workshop. Lloyd is the host for Live on Bowen and was part of the acting ensemble for season one of Thank God You’re Here. He’s a trained actor, a trained teacher, and one heck of a nice guy. I will be taking my own workshop, without a doubt.

If you have dreams of becoming a TV comedian or a YouTube sensation, please join us. Tickets are still on sale and we would love to see you.

Professional Comedy Skills Workshops: Acting Technique for Comedians

Venue: Boyd Community Hub
Address: 207-227 City Road, Southbank
Time: 2-4pm
Date: 21 Oct


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