2012 Melbourne Fringe:
• Girls Uninterrupted Are Good Value

Posted on 12 October 2012

Their show title is true. Girls Uninterrupted are good value. They are perhaps the most professional performers I have seen this Melbourne Fringe, and I have seen a couple of award winners. If you are interested in modern sketch comedy, watch and learn from these two.

Good Value is set up as a competition by Louise Joy McCrae and Nicolette Minster, whereby the audience is to decide who of the two of them deserves a one dollar coin by the end of the show. They then charge into a series of sketches where they play a variety of characters. Among the more memorable are the baby beauty queens, the television sales bimbos, and their send-up of comedy boy bands.

The comedy boy band sketch was full of in-jokes. If you know specifically who they were sending up, it was extra funny. I was concerned that their targets were too fringe-y for people to get the humour, but the audience was laughing loudly. Multi-layered humour is so satisfying. It’s what I love about Shaun Micallef’s work.

A number of things push these two performers from just a bit of fun to top rung professionals. First, they are completely committed to their characters and the scenarios in which they find themselves. No ironically winking at the audience and staying on the safe side of their inhibitions. If a gag involves the two women kissing, they kiss with all the fervour for which the situation calls without a single blush.

Next, they are a team, not just a vague confederacy. They are always aware of each other, supporting one another, while remaining focused on their characters’s headspace and actions. They know they can trust one another and this makes for a seamless performance. Finally, they have chemistry. They have discovered each others quirks, tone, and strengths and have found ways to comically combine these in a tight package. Personally, I believe they do this better than French and Saunders did.

My only suggestion to McCrae and Minster is to dump the video screen. It’s costly and doesn’t add to your show. People have come to see live theatre.

Girls Uninterrupted have only a couple shows left this Melbourne Fringe. However, if you miss them here then make sure to buy tickets for their Melbourne Comedy Festival shows, you will have an AWESOME time!

Girls Uninterrupted Are Good Value Melbourne Fringe Website

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