2012 Melbourne Fringe:
• Dr Brown: Befrdfgth

Posted on 04 October 2012

People are clearly still interested in mime. You just can’t call it mime and it has to be edgy and in your face.

Dr Brown has won both Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards and Edinburgh Fringe Awards for his shows. I was unable to get a seat to one of his performances during MICF. The show was booked out every night.

Dr Brown: Befrdfgth at first seems an erratic collection of mime vignettes. Sometimes it’s a little hard to figure out what exactly is being enacted in a scenario, but the absurdity still draws the audience in for a laugh. Half way through the show the vignettes start to reappear within a storyline, which provides context to the events portrayed. The surprise and pleasure at recognising what was meant adds a sort of deliciousness to the comedy.

I think everyone’s favourite bit was Dr Brown pretending to be a boy on a bicycle playing with his horn and bell. But don’t let the innocence of that scenario fool you. This is a very adult show. The easily offended would have a difficult time with some of the material. Dr Brown is a true jester in the classic sense, including all the rude buffoonery.

What sells Dr Brown more than anything is how much he enjoys his own audience. He has silent conversations with people, he draws people onto the stage, includes them in his story, and applauds their efforts. At one point he and an audience member had a case of the giggles that lasted some time, but this just added to everyone’s enjoyment.

Dr Brown: Befrdfgth is a unique evening of belly-laugh humour.

Dr Brown: Befrdfgth Melbourne Fringe Website

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