A Broad Abroad

Posted on 12 June 2012

Hello dear readers,

I shall be travelling to North America the end of this week. As such I’ve been busily organising all the bits and pieces I need for the journey. Among the sillier details is purchasing teeny-tiny toothpaste in order to carry it onto the plane and remain within liquid transport restrictions.

I will cease uploading articles to this blog during the four weeks I’m travelling. I might be able to sneak in one article at one point, but I’m not planning on it. You will just have to wait until I get back to hear of my comic exploits.

To keep you waiting anxiously for that July article, know that I am organising a series of training courses for comedians to help sharpen skills before the 2013 Melbourne Comedy Festival. I already have some top-notch award-winning people agreeing to teach. I will be finalising things like government funding, sponsorship, and venues when I get back. SO GET ALL EXCITED!

Peace and kindness,


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