The Brunch Bunch Take Off!
How fared the Funny Females Networking Brunch

Posted on 26 April 2012

Thank you everyone who turned up at the brunch. The event went off remarkably well, especially since this was our first year and we had a lot of wrinkles to iron out.

In the end we had twenty people attend. Most of the women were comedians, but we had a couple of producers and directors as well. I was pleased with the skill range: we had beginners enthusiastically joining in like joyful puppies and we had a few award-winning old hands, as well as everything inbetween.

Everyone’s volunteer performances were amazing. We have such talented people in our community. My thanks to Jan Maree, Jennifer Wong, Sarah Jones, Bianca Bruce, Mayumi Nobetsu, and Sophie Prints for sharing their talents.

Lou Sanz was our guest speaker and inaugural winner of the Ha-Ha Ta-Tas Award for services to women in comedy. She told us of her work with the Skirt Network. She also spoke about how she achieved her success as a standup comedian and the many people she has worked with as a writer and producer of comedy. Sanz then answered questions from our attendees. I was interested that she had chosen to tour North America rather than the UK, as a way to develop her career and make a living.

I noticed many women exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. The conversations were lively and people were talking about how they could help one another. Exactly what I was after as an outcome for this event.

I would love to run one or two Funny Females events during the year between comedy festivals. Perhaps for more networking, but perhaps for skills development as well. Networking also opens up other possibilities such as putting together a skills and props bank or opening a non-pub venue. As a group we can support one another and reduce our production costs. I need to hear from you about what you find interesting.

I promise that by next year we will have the ticketing and venue aspects running more smoothly. It’s amusing how the idea started out as, “Let’s get together and have pancakes and champagne somewhere.” I was being funny, but it communicated the idea well. In the end we basically had champagne and pancakes. Bravo to Breizoz Crêperie for stepping in so quickly and efficiently at the last minute as our venue.

My warmest regards to everyone who helped make the Funny Females Networking Brunch a useful, warm, and fun experience.

Peace and kindness,


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