2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:
• This is Siberian Husky in Boneshaker

Posted on 18 April 2012

I am particularly fond of Simon Godfrey of This is Siberian Husky. He and Dan Allemann used to run Willow Tales, a storytelling gig held at Willow Bar in Northcote. This is where I became familiar with people such as Celia Pacquola, Dave Thornton, and Toby Truslove. I’ve also enjoyed his performances in impro comedy group Baby Seals.

What is most admirable about both Dan Allemann and Simon Godfrey is their passionate desire to experiment. Not all comedians are that brave. Instead of going with safe material which generates easy laughs, they create surreal landscapes, invest them with emotional overstatement or understatement, and see what works.

Boneshaker is a roller coaster ride of relentless comedy. With only a couple boxes and themselves, they create one absurd situation after another in a nonstop flow that is both dizzying and dazzling. In one moment they are creating tea from tears and in the next they are building a new suburb of Melbourne on Venus. The sort of intense creativity required to develop a show like this is impressive. They point to Dudley Moore and Monty Python as their inspirations, but they seem much closer in spirit to Spike Milligan.

Let me warn people, this show is intense and has its dark moments. It’s also a superb work of comedy. Their skilled caricaturisations and outlandish accents are worth the price of a ticket alone. These guys completely deserve their Brian McCarthy Memorial Moosehead Award. See them quick before the festival ends.

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