2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:
• Steele Saunders in The Cat’s Meow

Posted on 24 April 2012

If you are starting out in comedy and thinking about doing a solo show, go see The Cat’s Meow. It is beautifully elegant in its simple construction.

Saunders clips to the curtain behind him a list of topics his show will be covering, such as awareness, names, exercise, and technology. He then begins each topic with a short story about his cat, then follows this with stories about how humans fit within that same topic. We don’t fare well in the comparision.

The show is well-calculated to start out by bringing the non-catlovers on side. He clearly understands that some people are dog people and some people are unenthused by cats, but funny is funny no matter where you find it. He also demonstrates that cats have a certain machismo as well, if that’s important to you. His own cat, Jerry, has a frown so deep it sucks all the negativity out of a room.

Once people are comfortable with the humorous combination of bloke and cat, Saunders weaves more of Jerry into the stories. He then caps the evening with the story of how Jerry came into his life. It’s real edge of seat stuff. You want him to find that cat and make his life complete.

The jokes in The Cat’s Meow are down to Earth and accessible. The storytelling action and humour steadily rises and rises. Saunders expertly keeps you anticipating the next set of anecdotes. He then ends on a memorable high note. Perfect.

Steele Saunders can be seen year-round performing at Comedy@Spleen.

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