2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:
• Sammy Harrison in Trail and Error: Couch to 100K

Posted on 05 April 2012

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is full of hidden gems. One of my favourite occupations is to dig up those gems and help hold them up to the world, so people can see them shine. Sammy Harrison is one of those gems.

For ten years now Harrison has been opening for other people’s acts at comedy venues. He is a complete professional on the stage and provides consistent laughs. His show Trail and Error is his chance to finally come out from behind other people’s shadow.

Trail and Error follows Harrison’s efforts to get fit and have a little fun while doing it. After a health scare concerning both obesity and smoking, he needed something that could motivate him to do the right thing by his body. He found this in charity sporting events. “Do it for the kids!” was somehow easier than, “Do it so you can see your 42nd birthday.”

Some of the mechanics of these events as described by Harrison are gut-bustingly funny. What makes the show even more delicious is how genuine he is about wanting to help people in need. He’s no angel, he talks about missing Marlboros and juicy hamburgers, he tells the odd poo joke. But there is no question that he has a big heart. All profits from Trail and Error are going to Oxfam. So you can have a good time AND feel good about yourself when attending his show.

Sammy Harrison is likeable, at ease with his audience, and has people laughing long and loud. To take his show up a notch, he might consider a little acting coaching to do with enunciation and posture, but really that would be icing on the cake. Go see Trail and Error, then tell other people about it and help get this gem into the public eye.

Peace and kindness,



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