How Many Stephen Colberts Are There?

Posted on 07 January 2012

Fascinating New York Times article about Stephen Colbert, his development as a comedian, and how The Colbert Report came into being and functions.

By now Colbert and his staff, which numbers about 80, have the show down to something like a science. They call it the “joy machine,” with equal emphasis on the fun and the mechanics, and the engine runs practically nonstop, at very high r.p.m.’s. By 11 every morning, a rough plan for that day’s show is established and the writers — all of them brainy and most in their 30s — are sent off, usually in pairs, to come back with finished scripts in just a couple of hours. Editing and polishing goes on all day, and sometimes continues even after the taping is done, around 9 or so.

“How Many Stephen Colberts Are There?” by CHARLES McGRATH

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