Women In Comedy Networking Brunch

Posted on 19 October 2011

I am working on putting together a networking brunch for our funny females to occur during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. At the moment we are aiming for late morning of Sunday 08 April 2012.

Comedy is often not an easy career path, if it even gets enough momentum to be called a career. Sometimes female comedians have a particularly difficult time getting the support and respect they need to take off. As such our ability to support one another means a lot. Hence the need for proper professional networking.

Each table at our brunch will have a seasoned professional. People beforehand can list their preferences as to which table they would like to join. In this way our women can gain insight about the industry from the stars. We can also form friendships with people who share our sense of humour. We have Denise Scott and Catherine Deveney interested in attending. So right now, we have two tables.

During the brunch we can also make resolutions and organise further events. One idea we have is creating an exchange program. One of our comedians is flown to the US where she can perform at the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, and one of their comedians will fly out here for performances and give a talk at our brunch about the industry in her country. This and other ideas are the sorts of opportunities we can give ourselves.

When we create and participate in things such as Cath Style’s phenomenal Girl’s Night Out, we make ourselves more visible, we show people what we can do, and we get them interested in more. Making friends and forming ensembles, as can be done at a networking brunch, helps us lift our game.

If you are interested in joining us at this brunch or helping in any way, please contact me, so I can put you on our mailing list. My email address: muse at glasswings.com.au

Peace and kindness,


Funny Females Networking Brunch Facebook page.

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