Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Team Members

Posted on 10 October 2011

I am currently doing short-term contract work. This means I did not have the funding to produce any of my own shows this year or next year, and that I have to do some fast talking to convince people to let me see shows for reviewing.

The easiest way for me to see much comedy goodness is to receive a festival pass. Then I am free to see any and/or all shows that interest me. The easiest way to get that pass is to help with someone else’s show.

So, I am putting a call out: are you running a show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and could you use some extra help?

  • I am a performer in my own right. I did well in the Raw Comedy competition. I’ve done TheatreSports in performance. I have acting training (which I took to help with my playwriting skills). I sing, dance, balloon twist, and am just learning juggling.
  • I can certainly help with any writing and storytelling tasks.
  • I’m a respected director. In Adelaide I started being asked to consult with other directors on how to work collaboratively with volunteer actors.
  • I worked in publicity at University of Washington Press. I was head of marketing for an indie comic company in the US. I still do a lot of electronic media marketing work.
  • Anyone crazy enough to put on their own shows generally knows about production management. I can do that as well.

I don’t mind doing grunt work. The problem is the Comedy Festival limits to whom they are willing to give passes. So, if you have a task you think I can do that would get me that pass, that’s all I need.

Thank you for your help.

Peace and kindness,


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