Speaking with a Fantastic Guy:
Bart Freebairn in Underground Awesome Quest

Posted on 12 September 2011

With a title like Underground Awesome Quest we should probably be doing this interview in some kid’s basement. I can imagine the empty packets of chips scattered about, along with half drunk bottles of cola and a sticky old couch that everyone leans against on the floor. This sounds like heartfelt Dungeon & Dragons™ comedy.

So what exactly is your show about?

Bart: You are pretty spot on here. Just replace the cans of cola with juice and tea. I like that a lot more and I think it is better for a joyous comedy knight to drink tea.

My show is an excellent quest into what is cool and the ideas we have as humans in this crazy world. We do silly things to belong and be loved. This show is a journey through these strange lands.

I’m interested that you will be exploring the universal human quest for love and acceptance. You clearly love storytelling, not just joke telling. You also clearly enjoy doing inspirational material.

Do you feel you have a purpose or message to your humour?

Bart: I do want to bring people happiness and food for thought. I do not want to push any sort of strong message, rather proffer cool ideas along with funny talking.

Is your humour coming from a personal credo of some sort?

Bart: I think that humour should be a part of you. If you are centered and coming from a true place, then you are doing good comedy. So some of my comedy is definetely coming from my thoughts and feelings, and other bits are just silly and fun.

Jim Henson and Garrison Keillor are big inspirations for my humour. Who inspires you?

Bart: I do not have any strong comedy inspirations. I think there is so much beauty and awesomeness out there I tend not to fixate on any single medium. I do love art, comedy, music and the excellent people around me.

Can you remember the moment you were first inspired to go into comedy?

Bart: I loved being silly when I was little. Laughter was magic and something I sought out. I suppose that is where it all started. Comedy in the form of standing up in front of people is just one of many important and valued ways of being awesome.

Where would you like to take your humour in the future? Touring, television, film, books?

Bart: In the future I would like to spread my fancy wings on the internetz more. I think that is the way to go. Maybe do a few rap albums and some movies if I can. You know like a gangsta would :).

What is one of the most important things you have learned about creating and performing comedy?

Bart: That joy and happiness is special and fleeting. The world is in flux and we should be kind to each other.

Where and when can we see you at the Melbourne Fringe Festival?

21st of September – 9th of October
No shows on Monday and Tuesday
7pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday
6pm Friday, Saturday
Previews 21st, 22nd of September

From $10 ($15 full price)
Get them at Melbourne Fringe or at the door.

Dirty Little Secrets.
80 Smith Street
Collingwood VIC 3066
(03)9415 8876

And here’s the important question: what are the best implements for roasting a marshmallow with a dragon?

Bart: A wizard’s ankle bracelet and a cheeky smile. These are the two things dragons like most when it comes to tasty treats!

Thanks heaps for speaking with us!

Peace and kindness,


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