MICF and Performance 2011

Posted on 24 February 2011


A number of you have been asking about what gigs I’m booked for in 2011, and specifically if I am in the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Currently, I have no engagements because I’m working on a television comedy. Woohoo! I’m also out drumming up day-job type work.

To participate in the comedy festival scene you have to have sufficient funds to properly market your show. Word of mouth can do a lot, but you still have to bring enough people in the first week of your show to ensure that this effectively happens. When you are also competing with more than three hundred other shows, marketing can mean the difference between succeeding, breaking even, or taking a hefty loss. Hence, the continuing need for a day-job.

I will probably start making myself seen again a little later this year with some new material. In the meantime I am helping a friend with marketing her show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and I will be back to my reviewing. So stay tuned.

Wish me luck with the tv show and with my finances, so that something magical can form.

Peace and kindness,


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