Friday Exercise: Newspaper

Posted on 01 May 2009

This exercise will make you look like you are utterly bonkers. You may want to try it somewhere private.

Take an old newspaper. Take one sheet and tear it into a shape. Any old shape will do.

I want yout to look at the shape. How does it make you feel? If that piece of paper were alive, how does it look like it’s feeling? What could it be thinking right now?

Now take another piece of newspaper and tear it into another shape. Make the shape distinct from the first one.

Look at this shape as well determining how you feel about it, how the paper feels, and what it is thinking.

Like playing with your soft toys I want you to have the pieces of paper converse with one another…only in nonsense sounds. Which one has the higher voice? Which the lower? Which has higher and which lower status?

Have one piece of paper bragging to or teasing the other one. Have the conversation turn into a fight. Have the higher status piece of paper break-down and cry. The other piece of paper now comforts it. (We’re reversing status here.)

How did it go? Did you get into the moment? Was it funny? Did you get a sense that you didn’t need words to communicate the characters and their relationships? Did you find your own ability to express character stretch a bit?

Peace and kindness,


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